Designer Courtney Sheets

“Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt — marvelous error — that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.” ~Antonio Machado

1395313_10201876791457073_1218175520_nI design iconic and sculptural pendants, multi-media lockets, earrings and custom jewelry. Currently, I work with the medium of wood for its soft, warm and sculptural energy, and its capacity to visually translate art.  My second favorite medium is textiles, with an affinity for lace!

The archetypes found in Nature and mythology have been a constant thread for me, beginning with fairytales in childhood and moving towards mythos, folklore and origin stories, culminating with my graduate degree in a program that explored women’s roles in sacred text, spiritual tradition, art and the creation of culture. Sometimes characters from these genres make appearances in my designs, at times quirky and at others, reverent.

I have appreciated all things antiquarian and ancient for as long as I remember, and was equally obsessed with both National Geographic and Vogue from a young age. My love for archeology, history and fashion converge through arc*hive. I create with a conscience towards the responsible use of natural resources, and strive to use renewable and reclaimed materials whenever possible. I also believe in keeping my business based in the U.S.A. Unless…I get an opportunity to live in Italy or France! In other words, I am not interested in outsourcing to sweat shops in developing countries, I feel creating goods ethically is important and necessary.

Beauty for the sake of itself with a focus on originality is my foremost motivation. I have a passion for reflecting unique personalities, helping others mark rites of passage and facilitating the expression of story through adornment. Most of all, my intention is to create objects that are interesting and wearable. Many of my ideas come from indulging in absent-minded daydreams, I knew this would be useful someday.


Art Influences

Late 19th-early 20th century American adornment and illustration, Hindu art and architecture, Black Madonnas (via Lucia Birnbaum, Dark Mother), Medieval European reliquaries and shrines, Art Nouveau, American Circus and Magic of the late 19th-early 2oth century, Neolithic and Bronze age drawings (of Marija Gimbutas research), Goddess art and sculpture, Project Runway, Teachers: D’vorah Grenn, Dianne Jenett, poet Judy Grahn and Vicki Noble; Artists: Aubrey Beardsley, Max Ernst, Frida Kahlo and Coco Chanel, and animals.