Musings on photography

“Nobody ever discovered ugliness through photographs. But many, through photographs, have discovered beauty. Nobody exclaims, “Isn’t that ugly! I must take a photograph of it.” Even if someone did say that, all it would mean is: “I find that ugly thing…beautiful.”

~ Susan Sontag, On Photography

why i take pictures

To connect with the essence of a subject more fully.

To highlight a living quality in the seemingly ‘inanimate’.

To shape-shift the lines and color of reality, in essence to paint with a photo.

To keep wonder alive.

To delight in the interplay of contrast, shape, form, color, light and space.

To draw attention to something that may have been previously overlooked.

To express a fleeting emotion and experience of place.

To connect with something intangible within the touchable.

To document the art of life.

To celebrate beauty.

Love, Courtney

The name under which Fox Talbot patented the photograph in 1841 was the Calotype; from the Greek word kalos, meaning “beautiful” and tupos, meaning “impression.”