Designs for arc*hive are fueled by a love for fairytales, form and mythos. My intention is to chronicle story and create beauty in an innovative fashion. I adore the Earth and strive to use renewable and eco-friendlier resources when possible. All jewelry is made in the U.S.A.

The art

The images featured on arc*hive pieces are created through a process of drawing, photoshop & collage that culminate in the transference of art to wood with a tiny beam of light.  To learn more about what inspires me and the evolution of arc*hive, read my bio here.

The process and materials

Jewelry is created in house by hands, from the art to woodwork to the assemblage of wire and textiles, in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, NYC. My primary medium is sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood. I also enjoy incorporating less common materials like eco-flooring, lace, reclaimed fish leather, vintage puzzle pieces, textiles and anything else unusual I fancy.  I also use 18kt gold, sterling silver, gun metal, copper or bronze.

The multi-media lockets

Secretly cradled inside arc*hive digital lockets are micro water resistant flash drives that keep your personal memoirs close to the heart, a time capsule for your life’s chronicles. These lockets have hidden sliding doors that safely store the flash drive. The storage capacity available in these tiny gems ranges from 4GB to 32GB. Typically they come with 4GB drive, which for many of us is quite a bit of space.  To learn more, visit here.

Custom work

I love custom orders, they are the heart of my business. Please send me a message and we can begin a discussion about imagery, materials and designs that speak to you. I will quote you a price. Due to the extra time required please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders.